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Thank you for your professional help in diagnosing and treating the severe back pain I was suffering from following my recent accident.  My doctor had prescribed very strong pain killers and recommended that I speak to a professional Chiropractor as he said there was nothing more he could do.  I am very glad I met you.

I appreciate the care you showed and the time you spent in pin-pointing the problem joints in my spine.  We discussed the adjustments you would make and the outcome you expected  to achieve.  As each adjustment was preformed I felt immediate relief.  I have not taken a pain killer since and my spinal flexibility is improving every day as the inflammation reduces.

Perhaps the most amazing thing that came from my treatments was your diagnoses of a long forgotten rugby injury that was preventing me from rotating my head fully to the right.  I had lived with it for so long I had forgotten that I once had full movement.  With a few adjustments over two weeks I can now breathe normally to the left and right when swimming as 40 years of restricted movement vanished.  That’s what I call a miracle.

Gregory Oxenham– Practice Principal at Mortgage ID

I have chronic back problems, had various x-rays, MRI’s etc and have seen physiotherapists, both private and via the NHS, and basically been told that this is how it is by my GP. Since visiting Andy, my discomfort has lessened to such an extent that I am no longer reliant on daily maximum doses of painkillers. My mobility is vastly improved and I most certainly now have a spring in my step and a smile on my face! I had always been sceptical about what a Chiropractor could do for me, but can highly recommend Andy, he is an absolute miracle worker, and most definitely worth visiting!

Sian Dwyer – Community Development Officer

After sustaining a rugby injury, it rendered me with disc problems to my cervical and Thoracic spine. As a result from these injuries, I received constant pain and stiffness from attending work and undertaking any kind of physical activity. After receiving treatments from Andy, my pain decreased and my ability to undertake tasks both at work and in the gym increased. Andy’s holistic approach and clinical expertise were key factors in my rehabilitation. Whilst Andy’s knowledge and application in adjustment’s rapidly improved my physical state, it also lifted my mood and improved my confidence by helping me return to a normal healthy lifestyle. When attending Andy Davies chiropractic, you will receive a warm welcome. Andy is a very personable and professional gentleman who is patient focused and results orientated. Andy is skilled in numerous interventions such as acupuncture and soft tissue massage, which may aid the benefit of spinal adjustments. Andy is extremely thorough and pays great attention to detail. I would highly recommend this practice and the care that is provided here.

Chris Thomas – Registered General Nurse

(Band 6 – Intensive care research)

I visited Andy’s clinic after suffering from jaw, neck and shoulder pain for some time.  I had seen a number of medical professionals regarding my jaw pain, and been given a diagnosis of TMD. The pain and discomfort was such that it was affecting my work and my life in general.   Since receiving treatment from Andy the symptoms have virtually disappeared and I have definitely benefited from both the sessions and the advice given.
I am now being treated simply as a maintenance patient and have taken on board the simple postural advice given to me that can help me for years to come.

Lona Llewelyn Davies
Cynhyrchydd / Cyfarwyddwr | Producer / Director

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