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How long will the assessment take?

The initial assessment usually takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour. This can vary depending on the severity of the complaint or complexity of the history taking.

Will I get treated today?

The patient will be treated on the first visit after the examination and explanation of diagnosis. Some acute patients present in a lot of pain, therefore a decision is made on the day to determine whether they should receive treatment.

Will I have to get undressed?

Generally there is no need for a patient to get undressed during an assessment or treatment. This does solely depend on the area being treated. There may be occasions where the patient is asked to wear a gown provided to make it easier to carry out the treatment.

What happens during the assessment?

Vitals signs such as blood pressure and temperature maybe taken at the start. Postural analysis, muscle tests, orthopaedic and neurological testing will be carried out. A step by step guide to every test will be given throughout the assessment.

How long will I take to get better and how many sessions?

Every patient that presents to the clinic is different. Whether it be age, sex, complaint or medical history. Each of these factors can determine how long or short the duration of treatment will be. This will explained on the day of assessment once all information has been obtained by the chiropractor.

Will the adjustments be painful?

Overall the adjustments are not painful. There may be tenderness in the area being treated that may cause post treatment soreness, which is completely normal.

Why do joints make that clicking noise?

Whilst performing an adjustment a ‘clicking noise’ maybe heard. The noise comes from a release of gas from a joint when it is moved in a certain way such as during a manipulation or adjustment.

Do you prescribe medication?

As chiropractors we do not prescribe any medication. We simply use various manual methods and additional treatments such as taping or acupuncture to compliment the chiropractic treatment.

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