Posture Tips for New Mum and Dads!

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Babies can be heavy and difficult to lift from newborn until years old, thus causing stress and tension on our neck, back, shoulders and wrists.

The sheer number of times you are required to lift or move your child in one day is staggering and that is why it is essential that these movements are carried out in the safest and most sensible way possible . . . . . .every time!


Try and get your baby as close to you as possible, support the neck with one hand and the lower back with the other and then SLOWLY lift until your back is straight.  Avoid sharp, abrupt lifting as this can easily damage your back.


Get onto your one knee and as close to the baby as possible, support the neck and lower back, slowly bring the baby close to your chest.  Again, slowly push off with you placed or supporting leg and extend to a standing position.  Avoid bending down at the waist and lifting quickly.


Avoid rushing whilst feeding as a starting point.  Try not to lean over from a position that is obviously a little too far away from the baby. Always sit on a chair as close to the baby as possible and feed from this position.


Typically carried out leaning forward, no support under the baby and in any chair you are close to.  This causes stress on the neck, back, shoulder, wrist and elbow.

Lean against the back of a comfortable the chair, with your neck in line and not slouched forward.  This will reduce the stress placed on your spine which is vital as feeding can last for some time.  Also, place a pillow under the baby so the shoulder, wrist and elbow are now supported.


These may seem very obvious when reading the tips, although we often forget to do the basics on a daily basis!!!