Do you respect your Spine like you do your teeth?

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Do you respect your Spine like you do your teeth?

Do you brush your teeth every day? Maybe once, maybe twice per day? Either way you are aware that your teeth require cleaning on a regular basis, otherwise they may discolour, build up tartar, fall out, need a filling and so on. It’s not just brushing them that keeps them healthy though, you must watch what you eat and drink, whether you smoke or even chew gum. These are external factors that we as individuals control and if pointed out, we must address.
If someone went to the dentist and presented with generally good, healthy teeth then the dentist would advise they keep brushing well and look after what they have. If by the time they visit in six months for a check up and they are discoloured, needing work then the individual has clearly neglected them.

On the other hand, if a patient presented with a fairly bad set of teeth and was required to have a scale and polish along with an extraction or further treatment then they would be advised and treated accordingly. So, this person comes back three months later and has actually brushed twice a day for this time and they are still in one hell of a mess!! The patient says to the dentist . .Well I’ve brushed like you said and you still need to take out three teeth!! What’s going on? It turns out the patient has been drinking four cans of fizzy drinks per day, multiple bars of chocolate and sweets on a daily basis and smokes 15 cigarettes a day. This scenario shows the importance of the patient understanding what happens to the body and treatment doesn’t simply fix everything. You as the patient must take responsibility between treatments or appointments and lead a healthy lifestyle in more ways than one. Treatments are very effective and can aid in recovery but you must understand what the body requires to function at a healthy and sensible level.

In my professional opinion the teeth and spine are the most common areas with regards to pain complaints that we see across the nation and the world for that matter. Both require attention on a daily basis, both require regular checkups or treatment, nutritional education and how you live your life every second is vital to their function. If you neglect one or more of these points then you increase the risk of problems in the given region.
The spine depends on mobility, function, free moving joints, relaxed muscles, free flowing nervous system. Without these, the spine will not be happy and let you know about it!! That’s why you are probably sat here now reading this…..

People generally don’t just wake up with back pain or tooth ache, there is usually a logical reason for why this has presented. If we can be more aware of these factors then we can all live a longer and healthier life and enjoy the good things!

Take care of yourself, educate yourself and respect the body you have been given . . . . . EVERYDAY!!!