Did your business suffer this year from an increase in sick pay? MAYBE THERE’S A WAY FOR REDUCE IT!

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Since becoming a Chiropractor I have been intrigued over the years by the number of patients that visit my clinic and openly talk about their day to day troubles of life or work. I feel this is a very important part of the whole package of chiropractic care as this sort of deeper information about a patient can at times be part of the problem and the bigger picture.  Many business owners have different stresses, but one of the main issues that keeps popping up in general conversation during treatment is sick pay or absence and the detrimental affect this can have a small or large business.

The sick pay cycle for a business owner:

Employee off work with musculoskeletal complaint (E.g neck pain)———————————–two weeks later -employee still off work———————————-one week later —-neck pain getting worse so would be silly to come back now and make it worse sat at my desk for 40 hours per week ——stressed employer ————–workload builds up———-desperation kicks in! ———-cost of additional staff rising day by day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Result –

  1. Employer has had to cover the work that the employee would normally undertake by paying an additional member of staff or completing it themselves.
  2. Sick pay  ££££££cost for the company
  3.  Increased workload may affect other members of staff
  4. Dependant on timescale, this can affect mood of the workplace and individual.

The government over the recent months or years have been attempting to find a way to reduce the ever growing sick/absence pay that is contributing to 131 million sick days per year in the UK and costing the national economy £100 billion.  These figures are staggering and are likely to increase if anything over the coming years.

Between 2010 and 2013 over 960,000 employees were on sick leave for a month or more.  Now, everyone gets ill every now and then but there is a clear difference between that and a constant reoccurring musculoskeletal complaint.

If only there was a simple and effective way of making these terrible figures reduce and most importantly, actually help, treat and educate the employee in the early stages of a complaint.

A Chiropractor, who is a qualified musculoskeletal specialist could come to your workplace every couple of weeks, once a month, whatever works for the business.  This allows the employees to have immediate access to a medical professional that specalises in exactly what they have been moaning about for days.  This is the important thing, it’s days and not years!  Having this as a regular part office life would provide the workplace with an education on posture, desk set-up and the opportunity to provide assessments and treatment. This a proactive way to reduce sick pay and the costs that businesses are building up throughout the year.

If you know any business that would be interested in making a difference to the health and well being of their employees in such a simple an effective way then pass on my details and we can start making a difference.

It’s that simple!